Prepared Wire Services


Duplex Electrical Supply is dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective wire management solutions for all of your applications. We carry a full line of wire management products from top leading cable and wire manufacturers. Our full range of value-added services includes assisting you with selecting the products and configurations that best suit your project needs.

Whether you’re looking for a specific type of wire, a custom length or explicit color, our team of pros can meet your exact requirements. Our wire preparation services are designed to increase your efficiency while reducing your costs. We only work with the top name brands in the industry!

Wire Identification and Labeling Solutions

One of the big challenges in this industry, identifying the right wire can be difficult especially for custom applications. Duplex provides a full line of services that eliminate confusion about cable and wire products.

Prepared wire and cable offers you the exact product you need without your crews having to cut, configure or strip the wire before usage. This includes twisted or paired wires and cut and stripped wires in all gauge sizes with larger sizes available upon request. Our twisting services save you time and money and make installation much easier. In addition, you can avoid damage and contamination to the wire that occurs when workers must struggle to get it just right.

Duplex has the ability to cut wire to any length and strip the insulation on one or both ends. We will package the wire so that it’s easy to store and ready to use when you need it. We also have custom metal, wood or plastic reels for wire and cable storage and we offer cutting and re-spooling services as well.

Steel Reels

For better safety and productivity, steel reels provide uniform sizing, better on-site safety and they’re easier to handle. Ask about our special reel with free spinning ground for easier spooling off and casters for greater maneuverability at the job site. We supply reels suitable for a wide range of applications.

Pulling Eyes

You’ll find a wide assortment of pulling eyes in sizes #8 – 600mcm. These have proven in the field to significantly lower your installation costs and cut your time. Your crew will work faster, cleaner and safer, with fewer errors. Take advantage of today’s latest technology in pulling eyes.

True Color Wire

Our true color wire is available in 12 colors and we have all of the sizes you’re looking for. This is a premium no-lube coated wire that makes every project go smoother. At Duplex Electrical Supply, we carry sizes up to 600mcm, and we stand behind our products and services with an exceptional guarantee.

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